Lake Michigan offers excellent fishing for novices and experts alike. Through our marine regions and national Conservation and Access group we campaign for better fish stocks and continued access to these stocks to ensure charter boats remain at the heart of UK sea angling. You can get a lightweight fishing boat with no added amenities.

Our fishing crew takes great pride in providing the best fishing experience and have tremendous local insight about the rich culture of the area and its surrounding waters. Always tell your captain the type of fishing that you are interested in, and he is more likely to take your preferences into account for a private charter in comparison to party boats and group charters.

Crewed Charters mean that you hire the necessary captain and crew to operate the boat, provision it for meals, and do all the cooking and cleaning. Aluminium boats, like others, are built with different styles of fishing in mind and can be used for different fishing venues.

Most fishing charter businesses operate out of a single location, because captains need to have an in-depth knowledge of the waters they fish. Finally, if you want to use your boat to fish in the ocean, you'll be faced with very different conditions than in protected waters so need to look for a boat designed for ocean conditions.

On six-pack charter boats you can have catering for meals while on board. Going with fishing charters can really make your fishing trip worthwhile. These boats are used in various sizes as fishing boats, and are the standard material accepted for top of the class lavish yachts.