The fare for the bus service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is AED 20 one way.

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How much Bus fare Dubai-abu dhabi?
How much is the bus fare from Dubai to Abu dhabi

What continent is Abu Dhabi in?
Abu Dhabi is located in the continent of Asia. what is the last bus to dubai to abu dhabi

Is there any bus service from Dubai to abu dhabi?
Yes. There are bus stations in both cities.

How much it cost to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Emirates Express bus?
it's about 20 to 35 dhs

Dubai public transport to abu dhabi?
Via taxi (expensive) or bus

How do you get bus from abu dhabi to Dubai?
You can get the bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai at the main bus terminal (big green sign) at the crossroads of 11th and 4th Streets. From Dubai you can catch the Abu Dhabi bound bus either from the bus terminus in Bur Dubai or at the Ibn Battuta Metro Station. The bus cost is 10 Dirhams and buses leave every 45 minutes starting at 6:30 a.m. It takes approximately 2 hours for the bus...

Is there a bus service from Dubai tour dubai to abu dhabi exhibition centre and back to Dubai?
No, but if there were a lot of you I would recommend just hiring a bus which will take you there and bring you back (like a personal bus service).

How many bus stations between Dubai and Abu Dhabi?
In between the two cities, there is only one bus station. the first when you get into dubai is at ibn batuta and you can from there board a taxi or use the train.

Where is emirates express bus station in abu dhabi?
There is no express bus station, however there is a main bus terminal at Medinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi.

Whats the best way to travel from Dubai to abu dhabi?
Take the Emirates Express bus. The service start from the main bus station in Abu Dhabi and ply through Sheikh Rashid road, Sheikh Zayed road passing through Umm Al Nar, Al Shahama and Al Samha stations and Dubai World Trade Centre intersection and halt at Al Ghubaibah bus station in Dubai. The service will take the same route on its return trip to Abu Dhabi and the passengers are able to get down at the...

Is there a bus at the Abu dhabi airport which go to Al Ain?
there is a connection between Abu Dhabi airport and Dubai/Sharjah/Al Ain. There is even a free bus service for Etihad passengers. Check the following link. Hope this Helps. website Cheers

What public transport is there from Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport?
At the moment Bus or taxi, although I think the tour dubai từ hà nội Mass transit system is supposed to eventually link up with one from AD

How much does it cost from Dubai to abu dhabi?
By Taxi (depending on which Taxi service you use) and normally they have meters, it costs around DH 250-300 but by bus from the main terminals, it will cost Dh 25.

What is the distance from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?
Both cities are large, sprawling areas and the distance can vary quite considerably depending on your destination. It is around 130km from central Abu Dhabi to Jumeirah (central) in Dubai. By car it takes a journey of around 1 hour and 15 mins to reach into the beginning of Dubai at a safe speed. It would take a few extra minutes to get inside Dubai (downtown). By intercity bus the journey is about 2 hours...

Is there a taxi or bus service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport?
You can get Taxi or shuttle buses at the airport or from downtown Medinat Zayed Bus Station which is the main terminal for both buses and Taxis. You can also use Ghazal Taxi Service, they have an office at the airport. All information regarding transportation needs is available at the information desk at Abu Dhabi International Airport and even Dubai International Airport. This includes car rental services.

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