myanmar adventure tourIndia has many unreasonable neighbours. I'm mentioning one country which India has never been concerned about and consider as a threat. This country I want to mention is Burma. Occasionally, some people tell me that myanmar adventure tour is emerging as a military junta and possessing nuclear weapons. I mocked at it and said :"Burma what". After that, I was very surprised when I read some articles about this scoffed at it and said "Burman what?"

Burma is the largest country in terms of geographical area in mainland South-east Asia and also the 40th largest country in the world. Surprised ? This is just the beginning. It's predominantly a Buddhist and a military governed country since 1962. That was a blast into the past. In today's scenario, Burma is a growing nuclear power with up to 5 nuclear reactors and equal number of plants. It seems that for years Burmese scientists have been sent to Russia to study nuclear weaponry and how a nuclear bomb is made etc.

They have been arming themselves to the teeth and its all done very secretively. Reportedly, Russia has been selling nuclear plants, reactors and all related equipments to Burma. It is possible that all the logistics are facilitated from N.Korea through some secrets tunnels. That is a big concern for India, as N.Korea is a protege of sorts for China and we all know China's expansionist dreams and its resentment towards India's growth since the mid 90's. I wont be surprised if they and some other anti-India nations were behind all the mishaps happening with the Commonwealth preparations.Truth is, heart of heart many nations don't want to see it take off. A successful Commonwealth games will mean more growth for India in terms of investment's and project's.Australia and China both had a boost in growth after the Olympics were hosted by them. I won't be surprised if all these mishaps were planned. It won't be far fetched. So,the thought that China is indirectly trying to arm Burma with nuclear capacity to counter India is a possibility that India cannot disregard. Here are a few facts of the Indian Army:

Army:1.3 million

Reserve:1.16 million

Tanks: 4500

Aircraft's :600


Naval vessels:145

Nuclear weapons:60-70
All figures are an approximate but formidable. India is the largest importer of military hardware in 3rd world nation's and is purchasing more and more weapons. A home made nuclear submarine was launched recently without much fanfare. India's military spending has doubled in ten years. India need's to get aggressive with aggressor's on the borders and bargain and lobby for more support on the Kashmir issue from Big daddy without giving in too much. Not being on the security council has always gone against India,which makes China very happy. Every one wants to please China as they all have to gain from them. Offense is the best defense can be a ploy that may work to ward off aggression. India has to get rid off this pacifist label stamped on it's forehead by the British.

Pacifism won't work in such situation's. India is poised to become the 3rd mightiest military in the world and without supremacy over the Indian ocean, that can't be achieved. It seems that the annual spending on Navy is only 15% and 60% for the Army. That ratio has to tilt towards the Navy's favour as the seas are important. China has a very formidable Navy too and the recent Mumbai attacks that came via the sea,shows how lacking India is in that Area. India has to protect all sides of its borders;only superior technology and superior planning can keep her afloat.