Surprisingly, God has given us some special day to celebrate. Celebrate the world-renowned Hindu ‘festival of colours' on an enchanting adventure through the northern state of Rajasthan. 4. During the course of the day, the shops remain closed so that people get enough time to play with colors. The celebrations take place by playing with different shades of colors and by relishing different sweet dishes.

This indoor event from Magic of India at Harrow's Byron Hall will feature DJ sets, live music, dancing and, of course, all the dry colour powder people can throw at each other. Holi Color Cat is a Hindu Spring festival, also known as the festival of love or the festival of colour.

Another common site is people dressed in white smearing brightly colored powder or gulal on each other and drenching one another in hued waters with water guns or pichkaris. The 2018 Holi festival will be celebrated in India on the 2nd of March which marks the end of Indian winter and celebrates the beginning of spring, signifying to Hindus the triumph of good over evil.

So, expect to rap along to some of his biggest hits, and Celebrate colour with rain dance, more DJs and Bhangra Dancers during the day. Throughout the history of Bollywood, Holi celebrations in Hindi movies have been shown by churning out some lyrical numbers.

The Holi celebrations have adapted a different regional flavour in different parts of the country. Traditionally Holi brings the arrival of Spring, the blossoming of Love and a day to be together, to play and to forgive the past. This naughty act of Krishna got so many acceptances by the people that it flourished as a tradition and a full-fledged festival.