With all the responsibility that comes with using a credit or debit card, many companies opt to offer rewards to their customers. Check your gift card balance. When redeeming an Xbox gift card, the denomination of the card goes directly into the Microsoft Account as local currency. There are websites that exist for the sole purpose of buying and selling gift cards. The first major difference between a prepaid and a debit card is that debit cards are linked to a bank account and draw money from that bank account to cover any charge made using the card.

If you purchase a gift card that doesn't have a denomination printed on it, you can view the value without exposing the claim code by going to Your Orders , finding the gift card order, and mybalancenow comparing the 16-digit serial number - located beside the gift card amount- in the order details to the 16-digit serial number on the back of the gift card.

If an unsuspecting customer buys one of these cards, the fact that it had been tampered with and its personal identification number (PIN) coating removed might go unnoticed until its recipient tries to use it. Most people do not understand the importance of the PIN, so a scratched off PIN coating might not alert them to any fraud.

If you cannot check your balance using online and you still have to call customer service most of the time, you cannot do this process. Additional benefits, such as those cards that allow them to check their gift balance through several ways, is a nice additional factor.

Your Starbucks account makes it easy to manage your Starbucks Cards, track your rewards, and get our latest news. You cannot check the value of an Amazon gift card before loading it onto your account , but you can check your gift card balance before you complete any purchases.

If the value of your Gift Card is less than the amount of your total or Patagonia Mail Order purchase, you must use a credit card in order to complete your purchase. So holding onto your gift card for a period of time is a good idea. After 30 days, the company you got the card from may now charge you a "monthly" fee.