OBD bases on the automatic system allowing the car to monitor and report problems from the tour bắc kinh engine. An OBD interface includes the computer detecting problems with the tour bắc kinh du lịch bắc kinh car engine and the Service Engine Soon or "Check Engine lights on the instrument panel that alert the driver of problems. But as with every car part, the OBD interface may experience faults. And even if your engine may have a problem, you cannot see it on the instrument panel. When you suspect something is wrong with the engine, there is a quick way to detect whether the OBD is working in place or not.

You'll need an OBD 2 scanner for this job; it is available at car parts stores or purchase online.

Power on the car engine and check your instrument panel. The "Service Engine Soon" or "Check Engine" lights should turn on for several seconds and then turn back off. If the lights do not turn on at all, or if you are ensure there is a problem with your engine yet they don't stay lit, then the OBD interface is not working properly.

Connect your car with an OBD 2 scanner, if it does not already have one mounted. Every car manufactured after 1996 is come with an OBD 2 system.

Insert the scanner on the OBD port over the driver's pedals. Make sure the engine is power on -- or at least, the key is turned to the "On" position of the ignition.

Press the "Read" or "Scan" button on your OBD 2 scanner. If the scanner gives you a code, it means that the engine has a problem that the failing OBD interface could not alert on your instrument panel. Type the " OBD 2 Code Info" or "OBD Trouble Codes" into the search engine over the internet, and enter the code the scanner showed to you to confirm the engine's problem.

Ask for professional help when it is evident from the car's symptoms that the engine is not working properly, but the OBD 2 scanner does not give you a trouble code. On this occasion, the trouble would be on the OBD system's computer, because it cannot find out engine troubles in the first place. There are a lot of online stores over the internet; you can find that what you need online.