In Google's new fight towards becoming an international information center, I've come to notice that the outcome provided from Google News seems like only the articles we publish every day. So I ask, does not it look like Google News resembles articles index of some sorts?

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I only mention this because when publishing my online marketing posts, I often wonder if they show up within Google News? 9 times out of 1-0, they do! The truth is, they generally arrive within 4-8 hours to be listed from other top related internet sites.

How can Google News choose it is content?

Right now, it appears that 'information stores' & 'pr release companies' linked to your field on the web are making the most of these search results. Whenever you consider it, would not a press release be a type of news anyways? Possibly... Clicking possibly provides tips you should give to your girlfriend.

If you take a good look at the sites who deliver the information within Google news, you'll notice that only a select few are providing all of the results. Again, it's possible that Google's media algorithm remains in its infant stages and probably includes a lot of uphill battles to defeat.

It might be in Google's best interest to assemble a team of experts in different fields to accept articles/news articles to be able to keep the news source within the Google empire. This disturbing Burnaby Counselling Centre Launches Google Map Listing website has collected lovely tips for the meaning behind it.

There is Merely A Portion of Benefits Showing:

You will also recognize a somewhat small portion of actual search results arising, while searching through the GN part. Just a fraction of a proportion of results get listed within the GN search results compared to exactly the same results within the normal search results found on Google's main page.

Only the sections on the left provide actual real-time media. These are: Top Reports|World|Business|Sci/Tech|Sports|Activity|Health. These links provide effects provided from legitimate information sources on line.

Google News Alerts - E-zine everyone?

When you consider it, you are offering Google your current email address to get related articles to the search term brought to your in-box, how can this differ from every other normal newsletter? Are we going to begin seeing Google Adwords within-the information signals? Will they consider giving large the chance to organizations to advertise of their e-mail alerts as an one time mailing! I hope not.

More and more we are seeing less of the Google we once knew and have come to love (A search bar with some good benefits). Since Google's IPO, the devel-opment group at GG are starting to launch programs on the web that are starting to resemble what we now know while the great Yahoo Portal.

Maybe there is any difference? Most likely not.

One Great Point About Google News:

They have given the ability to you to customize your page to show what-ever news subjects you need. Only look at the right side for a button that says 'Customize this page New'! .. Once you click on this link a drop down box shows you all of the main topics you have shown inside your page. Simply click on the topic you intend to modify or remove. The very best part of it all is the fact that you can click on 'Put in a custom part' and simply seek out the topic you need listed on your page.

Overall it is possible to create a whole custom news page (writer articles) that connect with your business..