So again you want to get in the early to make sure you get those early bird early bird bonuses for the extra videos okay so stock ah City two features and benefits well the first benefit is there's no monthly fee all you pay is the one-time front end cost of stock off city two and you have access to the entire video library there will be a seventy five new full HD videos added to the platform every single month for the first 24 months that's pretty cool so when you get into you got two years of extra videos coming into your your library which is which is nice let's see stock video can be used with Camtasia videoscribe easy sketch Pro video maker FX PowerPoint ScreenFlow and many more so basically all of the popular video creation software is out there for a full list of features and benefits just click on the link below to be taken to the sales page where you'll see also or you'll also see a demo so you might want to click over to the sales page so you can see everything you get plus watch a little demo they have on there on the on the sales page as far as common uses for stock videos well there honestly there's they're used for pretty much everything as far as the video market is concerned but I got a little list here for you they're used for video intros video outros explainer videos JV partner videos special offer videos testimonial videos real estate videos lead generation videos caught action videos tutorial videos promotional videos corporate brand videos lead generation videos sales videos Super Affiliate System Review review videos and many many more let's see here let's go down to the bonuses now basically and I'm gonna be I'm gonna be honest with you here there's a bunch of bonuses here on my page let's see here there's eight and then there's my exclusive ones the first eight I would imagine you get with pretty much anyone promoting stock OCT to because these bonuses were given to me by the vendor and i would imagine he gave give them up to pretty much anyone who requested bonuses from him so i'll go over these first and they'll cover my exclusive ones that you can only get when you buy through my link vendor bonus um and i enabled i labeled an offender bonus number one i don't want to mislead anybody you know have anybody think you know wow you know sergio is giving out all these bonuses no you know honestly these were given to me by the vendor so i label them as such so anyways vendor bonus number one you get two hundred and forty extra HD video backgrounds for a limited time there including an additional two hundred forty HD video backgrounds so that's video bonus number one sorry vendor vendor bonus number two youtube marketing made easy so it's a complete training series to marketing success on youtube it's actually pretty good i iced saw it myself and i was i was pretty impressed they got some really good tips on their vendor bonus number three they giving you YouTube ads made easy boost your traffic generation efforts and get the most out of YouTube advertising for your business that's a whole course on YouTube ads vendor bonus number four social media income this thirty-six video training shows how to profit from the most popular social media platforms so if you want to mark it on social media it's a good course to do to have video vendor bonus number five editing video Super Affiliate System Review for free and web video production for non professionals web video production for the rest of us and learn how to edit videos for free so basically it's it's a video editing software that they're giving away for free and it's web video production for non-professional it's a little course to show you how to how to create how to produce your own videos vendor bonus number six they're giving you 240 royalty-free music tracks for a limited time so you've got some music tracks to go along with your with your stock videos vendor bonus number seven they're giving a thousand royalty free stock images so for a limited time you get a thousand royalty-free pictures images that you can use in your videos or on your advertising vendor bonus number eight they're giving a designer developer rights so for the first time there including designer developer rights at no extra cost so those are the eight vendor bonuses you'll get when you buy through my link and I would imagine many other marketers out there that are promoting this product however I wanted to give you something special when you buy through my link so I'm giving you an extra exclusive three bonuses that I think are pretty sweet deals the first one is Auto Video Creator now this software makes video creation easy no need for PowerPoint Camtasia or any other expensive video editors this has everything you need and it will even talk for you so the the software will you type up a script import it into the software and it will read it back to you so it's kind of cool if you don't want to actually read or talk into your videos you just right at the script you know say you have an accent or you know English is your first language then this this software will actually translate anything you you script up and type into it it will actually say it for you will speak it out for you so the reason I wanted to throw this in is because you go back up here on my review and you'll see that you know the stock videos can be used on Camtasia video scribe easy scratch pro video maker FX PowerPoint ScreenFlow and many more however most of these are not free you've got a you know you got to get you're gonna purchase Camtasia you got a purchase video scribe you got a purchase video sketch Pro and they're not very cheap to be honest with you so I wanted to give you something free that you can use as an alternative hence Auto Video Creator my exclusive bonus number two easy video sales pages this is an easy to use software that creates high converting sales pages using a powerful method that turns visitors into customers every time so you can use the stock videos that you're gonna get from a stock off city in this sales page creator very cool and it creates some really nice nice video sales pages by the way five you actually used it quite often and my exclusive bonus number three you're getting videos now videos normally sells for thirty seven dollars or sixty seven dollars depending on the license you buy you can verify that up vidneos calm as a matter of fact let me go ahead and show you because I don't like to I wouldn't want you to think that I'm not being upfront with you okay so here we are on the videos whoa Todd here we are on the videos calm as you can see their webpage this is the sales page and you can check it out if you want it's videos calm if you scroll all the way down you will see that for one license it's thirty seven dollars you can only install one on one computer and for what they're called the developer's license or the VA license virtual assistant you can install it on unlimited amount of computers and that's for sixty seven dollars so depending on the license you buy inside there's thirty seven dollars or sixty seven dollars and I am giving it to you for free basically what is it well that you can research create analyze optimize and backlink your videos all from within one place this software will help you to rank your videos on page one of the Google and YouTube search results it's a very powerful software I have used it a number of times and I really really like it I've had some great success with it I wanted to throw it in here as an extra bonus for you guys if you pick up stock off city to through my link I'll make sure that it's available I have to check out and that's pretty much it so those are my three exclusive bonuses plus all of the other bonuses hope you enjoyed this video hope you enjoyed the review you have any questions or concerns reach out to me let me know otherwise I'll go ahead and wrap up this video well I want to thank you for watching my stock off city to review go ahead now and click on the link below to purchase stock ah city to through my link and receive my exclusive bonuses and as always if you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at solid web tools comm forward slash contact.super affiliate system review Hi it's sergio from solid web tools welcome to my Stockocity 2 to review in this video I'm gonna cover what Stockocity 2 - is and who it's for I'll go over all the pricing and the launch dates I'll cover all the features and benefits and I'll go over my exclusive bonuses that you'll get when you buy a Stockocity 2 through my link below now before I get started with the review I recommend you stay through to the end because I have some exclusive bonuses that I'm throwing in specifically for Stockocity 2 - and you're not gonna want to miss these one of them is a is normally a paid bonus you're gonna pay for it to get it and I'm gonna throw it in for free I'll get to those in a minute though let me go ahead and get through my review and I'll go ahead and go over all not only although bonuses that I got from the vendor but also my exclusive bonuses ok so here we are on my stock off city to review page so what is stock off city - well stock off city - is the largest collection of stock videos available on the market today it consists of a full HD library containing over 25,000 stock videos that can be used for any type of video marketing whether it be for backgrounds intros and outros or video teasers this collection of stock videos has you covered not only does it contain every type of stock video imaginable but they all come in four popular sizes from web 426 by 240 all the way up to HD 1920 by 1080 so who's this for this vast collection of stock video can be used by anyone who is doing any kind of video marketing from creating video reviews to incorporating a call to action in a promotional video to running video ads the sky truly is the limit with such an enormous amount of videos to choose from if you are currently running any type of video marketing or are considering it in the future then I would highly recommend you grab this offer while it's still on early bird promotion these videos will definitely help you to maximize your profits through video marketing see my stock asana to review video to see the exclusive bonuses that you get when you purchase stock ah city 2 through my link below okay so pricing and lunch dates the product is stock ah city to and for 2495 you'll get six thousand HD footage videos plus an early-bird bonus of five hundred videos so you want to get in there early to make sure you get those five hundred videos as soon as they launch there's three different ot O's oto one is for stock Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review OCT 2 pro and for $37 they'll give you an upgrade to 18 thousand HD videos plus an early-bird bonus of a thousand videos oto two is for a stock AUSA t1 plus time-warp and basically for 47 dollars which you get there is over 8000 videos from stock off CD 1 which was the original stock ah city and all of the front end and oto 1 videos and then there's an OTO 3 and that's for stock a CD 2 reseller so for $67 to 127 dollars depending on which package you get you basically get reseller rights first lock off city - with a hundred percent commission as follows so for 27 license they'll charge you $67 for 50 licenses will charge you $97 and for 500 licenses that charge you one hundred and twenty seven dollars now as far as I can tell the best deal is the five hundred licenses not because it's the most expensive but if you look at 50 licenses for almost 100 you get ten times that for just what thirty dollars more so that's it's much better deal if you ask me anyways the launch date is February 15th 2018 and the launch time is 10 a. 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