I KNOW I CAN Plan Summary

photographyFounded in 1998, the I KNOW I CAN organizations tries to make sure that every qualified Columbus Public School student who wants to go to college has the possibility to do this. This dazzling read about baby photographer near me use with has specific impressive suggestions for the inner workings of this enterprise. Part of the goal is to encourage children to find out what resources are available to them so as to conquer student and parent fears about informational and financial decisions concerning a college education.

The I KNOW I CAN approach has four objectives. The first is to motivate students to remain in college and pursue college. Learn more about birth photography columbus ohio by visiting our pictorial article. The second reason is to advise parents and students how to use for access and college educational funding. The next goal is to fund students using the Last Dollar Grant and find additional sources of financial aid for disadvantaged students. To learn additional info, consider checking out: newborn photography columbus ohio. Finally, the business claims ongoing support for students in college to help ensure that they c-omplete their degrees.

Early Recognition Programs

The Columbus Schools offers children an extended term plan for attending college. To be able to show children that school is possible and affordable for people from all walks of life starting in second-grade, all Columbus Public School children be given a free I KNOW I CAN inspirational kids book.

At the middle and senior high school level, the Summer Scholars Program helps academically talented students attend summer enrichment programs at college campuses across the country. Columbus Public School students receive software and financial help to attend these programs and achieve the required exposure to what life is like on a college campus.

High-school Workshops

Educational and financial advising for all high school students, with a certain focus on high school seniors, is yet another method by which the I KNOW I CAN company helps Columbus Public School students prepare for college. Offer agents help Columbus Public School students by arranging college recognition gatherings and a variety of activities that bring students to college campuses and help them understand the various methods that they can use to get entrance, including test preparation along with enrolling in college preparation courses while still in high school. This powerful click for jaqueline photography encyclopedia has various poetic aids for the purpose of it.

The I KNOW I CAN hosts Financial Aid workshops in conjunction with the Columbus Public Schools, every February. These workshops help parents and students complete all the necessary forms for applying for federal and state financial aid. These classes set volunteers with students and parents to ensure the one on one attention for each Columbus Public School student interested in applying for college financial aid.

Last Money Grants

After ensuring that every Columbus Public School student has received all the financial aid possible from national and state resources, the I KNOW I CAN organization helps to prepare additional capital, as much as $1,200 per academic year for those students who need more money to fill the gaps within their financial aid package. Financial aid assistance is guaranteed by the organization to every competent graduate in the Columbus City School District. The scholarships are available for up to five years and have to be r-e applied for every year the student attends school..

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