A can be best option for those who are looking for a uniquely different option of spending holidays on islands. The yachts, , and catamarans are the best options for water travelling. Aquamarine Asia Co. Ltd. is one of the leading sailing charter providers in India that provides luxurious Cataleya yacht charters, , boat charters and for hire for sailing in Thailand, Phuket and Burma.

Thailand sailing trips
Thailand is extremely beautiful location surrounded by islands. If you are planning for , Aquamarine can provide with number of options for luxurious water travelling. The or can be best options for exploring the eye-catching beauty of Thai islands. Fully equipped for enjoying life on the water, our are perfect for spending quality time together with family and friends. The air conditioned and well facilitated cabins and saloons provide the sailors the extreme luxuries and homely comforts for perfect .

One should opt for provided by us to witness the fascinating experience of travelling on spacious and comfortable catamarans. Equipped with spacious cockpits and comfortable deck areas, our are the best where one can relaxingly get massages done and view the beautiful waters of Thailand water bodies. Our Cataleya yacht charters are well facilitated to equip hotel, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, lounge place and all perfect marine settings to provide best .

Phuket sailing trips
Phuket is a large and extremely beautiful Thai island consisting of extremely fascinating beaches and bays. The Phuket sail in our luxurious and can be the most convenient travelling options that provide our sailors with enchanting experiences of travelling through exotically beautiful island of Phuket. Food is no worry on our . The lip smacking Thai and European dishes prepared by our chefs form an integral part of our tasty and delicious cuisine which gives one the pleasure of relishing home prepared dishes. Our provided for hire by us is equipped with all the basic amenities required for most comfortable sailing in Phuket. Anyone desiruous of Phuket sailing can opt for as the best way to explore the culture and diversity in nature of Phuket islands.

Burma sailing trips
Yatching in burma adventure tours can be awesome with beautiful landscapes spread over large distances to be explored. in Myanmar is unique area above and below the water surface that is equipped with abundant vegetation, sea life and wildlife. in the yacht charters provided by us can provide unforgettable experience of luxurious travelling through the breathtaking sceneries of Burma rainforests. can provide thrilling experience of diving along with sharks, manta rays and large swarms of eagle rays.
Anyone planning for , and can hire our spacious and well facilitated boat charters and yacht charters for unforgettable sailing experience. Visit for further details.

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Aquamarine Asia Co. Ltd. is one of the leading and provider that provide , yachts and for hire for sailing in Thailand, Phuket and Burma. provided by Jigney Bhachech, CEO, , India.