So we decided to go with only one particular manufacturer. Get further on a partner link - Click here: concord oh commercial security system contractors. Right after a excellent deal...

Dial Communications only handles a single manufacturer of phone systems, Toshiba. A lot of dealers like to handle practically any phone method out there, Mitel, Panasonic, NEC, Avaya, Meridian but this only guarantees that their technicians are stretched too thin. When you have to understand so numerous distinct systems, you cannot be truly professional at any of them. Nor can you stock all the parts you require on a regular basis.

So we decided to go with only 1 manufacturer. Soon after a excellent deal of investigation into the various phone systems accessible - Toshiba was chosen for a quantity of various reasons. We discovered understandable by browsing books in the library. They are a leader in the field, meaning that their telephone systems will be competitive each price tag-wise and feature-smart with something else available. Toshiba usually attempt to guarantee upwards compatibility - meaning that you can continue in most instances to update only the needed elements, and not your entire program to acquire new functions. Toshiba phone systems are built in a modular way - any elements that go bad can be swiftly swapped out.

For instance, a recent electrical storm took out the power supply of one of our customers, a nearby bank and it took the technician just 15 minutes to swap out the poor power supply, and replace it with a new 1. This means that downtime is minimal, all of the customer's unique phone programming is nonetheless in place, and the expense was low. Needless to say, this customer took the advice of the technician, and their phone system is now plugged into a UPS, which would have prevented this difficulty in the very first location.

Yet another client of ours is expanding their company, and demands to have IP telephone capability - they will have a sales staff that is functioning in distinct regions apart from the main firm place. So we have upgraded their phone method - and the phones stay the same - the programming was all saved and moved to the new technique, and their Voice Mail programming was completely transferred to their new system. Total 'downtime' - about ten minutes. This would have been challenging, if not impossible, on a lot of other phone systems, because many phone program vendors demand a various variety of telephone for every of their phone systems. Upgrading the phone method processor would have meant changing out all the phones.

In addition to Toshiba's great modularity, it is reliability has been very noticeable. The bank, for example, that needed to replace their power supply after an electrical storm, hasn't known as us for 15 years. That is how long they've had their telephone system. (I know, I am the technician who installed it!) When you realize that phone systems are absolutely nothing more than highly specialized digital computers, it's truly wonderful to take into account soon after all, can you point to a personal computer at property or at your company - that's been there for 15 years?

Toshiba's reliability reflects properly on our organization, our clients who do choose that they want to upgrade invariably decide to upgrade to a newer Toshiba model, rather than any other telephone method. That makes us look very good, and it keeps us in company. If you don't have a Toshiba telephone method, ask your business associates who do - what their opinion is, then give us a call to see how a Toshiba telephone technique can increase your company.. For additional information, please check-out: nortel phone system installation mentor oh article.