Business owners tend to find difficulty it hiring the perfect new accountant for their business. Most employers will help you to build relationships with colleagues across relevant areas of the business through mentoring, networks or development programmes, but you'll need to possess the basics of what it takes to get along with people: communication, listening skills, patience and tolerance.

Hard-earned experience and business competence transforms knowledge into expertise and we look for people who seek to achieve this by developing a long-term career with us. The intellectual challenges and stimulating work you'll experience with us means that your capabilities will be enhanced and your knowledge base expanded to not only allow for your own development, but to enable you to become an expert in your field and share this with others, helping to mould the business professionals of our future.

Poor organizational skills will be the Achilles' heel of even the most naturally brilliant and well-intentioned accountants in the field. Since accountants often have to explain confusing accounting concepts, you'll also want someone who is a good teacher and skips the accounting jargon so you can easily understand your business's finances.

Sometimes when you ask people what their career is (instead of asking what their job is), the question makes them uncomfortable. Lawyers are very up on the ins and outs of legal maneuvers and they have been trained to handle legal matters but generally have no financial experience or expertise in the management of assets.

Learn about Xero with courses and live events for businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. Every business (including yours!) is different and, as such, presents a different set of challenges come tax time. Schedule your FREE Consultation with one of our accountants, IRS enrolled agents, or Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) to solve any accounting or tax problems.