If you have a garage, there are a number of tools, which are common and need to be used on daily basis. You should not make attempts to lift your car unless you are sure of the location to use as the jacking point. That said, a floor jack is rarely used to lift a vehicle entirely off the ground, but rather to lift the vehicle partially. Whether you're in the mountains or the desert, this is the floor jack you want to carry in your adventure vehicle.

Trolley jacks are generally heavier lifters and less portable. It is stronger than most floor jacks thus, you will not have to worry about your safety. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack is one of the most popular products on the market. The vehicle's ground clearance has to be more than the floor jack's minimum height so that the jack can be useful.

Moreover, the hydraulic system is very efficient and will require minimum effort to lift a vehicle. Slowly raise the vehicle to your desired height and position the jack stands immediately as soon as the desired height is achieved. Using no hydraulics for lifting a vehicle, scissor jacks are operated by hand.

Every car enthusiasts have to weigh the benefits of having a lighter aluminum jack against the benefits of a heavier steel jack. Floor jacks are commonly known as garage jacks, trolley jacks, or service jacks because they are only suited for the garage or the workshop.

You use a floor jack to raise a vehicle, then slide your jack stands under the car, and then lower the vehicle onto the stands. This floor jack features a specific design, meant to decrease the amount of space it needs in your garage. Bottle jacks are also cheaper than floor jacks are.

For economy and mid-sized cars, a -ton hydraulic jack will do the work fine. The presence of a knurled two-piece aluminum handle provides a strong grip and if there's a strong grip then you can actually say this floor jack is safe. The design is ingenious since you can easily insert the JEGS even on vehicles that have ground clearance that is as low as 4 inches.

Fans of everything aluminum will love the Powerzone with its 3-ton capacity fully capable of lifting up to 6,000 lbs. The detachable arm of the floor jack does the pumping which lifts the car. Whether you rock a low rider or sit high up, you'll need a portable car jack that can reach your vehicle and raise it high enough for you to start working.