We found you the best floor jacks for every job. Now, over 3 decades later, I've started this site as a place for me to share my knowledge, to teach others how to care for and maintain their vehicles themselves, at home, so they can get the most of their vehicles and save a pretty penny compared to always seeking out professional help.

The Grey Speedy Lift Garage Jack by Pro-LifT, Model G-737 is convenient to use as it features a magnetic tool tray which allows you to store small metal parts around the job site for convenience. The Pittsburgh Automotive low profile jack is an excellent choice for car garages and home garages where you need to lift cars almost every day.

The built in fast lift gets vehicles off the ground in just a couple of pumps and the all steel construction feels nice and sturdy. This floor jack is one of the best Arcan Floor Jack jacks available to buy on the market and comes with various features. Quality - A floor jack must be top quality and have great features for its intended use.

However, an expensive jack will be steel made up. It will have a lower lifting height and much higher lifting capacity than usual. It has an internal steel beam that reinforces the lifting arm for extra strength and durability. When the time comes to remove them, raise the vehicle slightly with a jack, remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle.

There are a lot of floor jacks available to choose from on the market with a wide variety of features which can make a task as simple as buying a floor jack intimidating for the buyer. Floor jacks are one of the items customers can borrow. We appreciate the car-friendly features (bumper pad, rubber saddle), and the user-friendly side handles.

Some car jacks use rubber material to reduce your vehicle's movement while jacking. The 3 types of floor jacks are hydraulic floor jacks, bottle jacks, and scissor jacks. For your own safety, you should use jack stands to support the weight of the vehicle that you want to life.