Misfit's Path is the smartwatch for people who hate smartwatches. Also, a smartwatch too often tries to ape a smartphone. You won't see full touchscreen displays like you get on Wear watches, Fitbit's smartwatches or the Apple Watch , and you certainly won't have to deal with a couple of days of battery life, that's for sure.

But it's the hardware that sets the ZTE Quartz apart from other smartwatches at this price. Compared with the two major smartwatch operating systems, Apple's WatchOS and Google's Android Wear, Luxury Hybrid Smartwatches watch apps are pretty basic and just stick to the features that matter; mostly fitness tracking and smart notifications.

In China, since around 2015, smartwatches have become widely used by schoolchildren. If you're looking for a hybrid smartwatch that excels at activity-tracking, the Misfit Command is worth considering. After setting up an account, a Q watch can be paired using Bluetooth through the app, which was a straightforward process.

Apple and Google have both gone down the mini-smartphone path with WatchOS and Android Wear, but more recently, we've seen a much more interesting concept — the hybrid smartwatch. Running Zones: measuring the heart rate zones for short, medium, and long distance running is a specialty of the Nokia Steel HR. Your heart rate can race to reach the maximum within the shortest span of time during the sprint.

If you've shopped for a smartwatch recently, you'll have probably noticed that smartwatches tend to be listed for specific markets. Basically, I like smartwatches when they're slightly dumb. There are times when I wish this Q Activist watch could do a little more, but mostly I've grown accustomed to not worrying about it. I appreciate the extra information and features it gives me over a standard watch.

Fossil, for example, makes the watch hands zip around to point at a single number, which you designate to a certain app or contact when you first set up the watch. Never miss a text or notification, thanks to smart notifications² that appear on your digital display.

A hybrid smartwatch is a fusion between a regular mechanical watch and a smartwatch, in that it combines some connected features with traditional watch mechanics. The AX Hybrid Smartwatch, which doesn't actually look like a smartwatch, has shown us that progress can go hand-in-hand with good looks.

How useful the watch's built-in apps are, and how extensive the selection of third-party apps (and, to a lesser extent, watch faces) is. Fossil Q supports nearly any app you'd have on your smartphone that has push notifications. When a notification comes in from one of those contacts or apps, the watch will buzz and the hour and minute hands will turn to the appropriate number, before reverting back to the time after a few seconds.

Because most hybrid smartwatches don't have a touchscreen, they don't consume anywhere near the same degree of energy as one that does. But there's nothing here that sets it apart from being yet another smartwatch that married Android Wear with a fashion house's good looks.

This is because the many applications running at the same time independently of each other a drain battery resources just by being activated. The rise of the connected hybrid smartwatch brings a sigh of relief to the Swiss watch industry which has been suffering from declining sales over the last few years due to the rise of the smartwatch from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

This is a smartwatch, of course, and LunaR takes a more discreet approach to adding in these features. Casio sets itself apart from others by making Bluetooth watches that provide smartwatch connectivity, without the notifications. As long as the watch is paired to your smartphone, the watch time will match local time on your phone which is a great feature for frequent travelers as you don't need to update the time on your watch once you reach your destination.

For a similar price, you will be able to buy either the still-capable Samsung Gear S2, or an Android Wear device such as the Fossil Q Marshal, Moto 360 or Asus ZenWatch 3. While these don't have the old-world charm of an analog watch, they are ‘smarter'.