A floor jack is a hydraulically operated tool to lift a heavy car or truck with relative ease. The only negative feeling about being made with steel material is that it would feel heavier but it is more durable than an aluminum floor jack. The XL2T from Arcan is a high-quality floor jack that is easy to set up and has a low profile. This floor jack can lift vehicles that weigh up to 2 tons which makes it an excellent choice for light motor vehicles such as trucks, vans, SUVs, and cars.

Staying in a stable position is also another way of making sure working with this floor jack is safe and the combination of a powerful lifting capacity combined with a stable base is what attracts customers to this nicely designed floor jack. Lifting capacity must be at least 20% higher than the weight of the vehicle to ensure safe operation.

Never use a floor jack beyond its stated capacity. As a safety precaution, it is advisable to only lift vehicles that are within the rated capacity of the floor jack. That said, a general rule of thumb is that most sub-compact, compact, and economy midsize cars can be safely lifted with a 2 ton jack.

Therefore it is strongly advised to never operate a floor jack without at least one stand to support the vehicle on. This is a compact-size floor jack but can lift up to 2 tons and that's already enough if until now you are in search of a small hydraulic jack that you can insert easily under your car.

The Pro-Lift floor jack is made of heavy-duty steel construction, which means it is very durable despite the affordable cost. Bottle jacks are not ideal or good for flat vehicles such as racing cars. If you take your car to the track and have only a limited time to replace your tires or fix a problem underneath you car, you will be happy you have this jack.

The JEGS Floor Jack has a rated capacity of 2 tons (4000 lbs.), giving it enough muscle to handle cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Lift Capacity - Jacks come in a variety of lifting capacities. With a weight of 56 lbs, the Arcan Floor Jack Aluminum Floor Jack by Sunex Tools, Model ALJ2T is portable.