When it comes to working on your car, few things are more important than having the right tools for the job. NOTE: Never get under a vehicle on your creeper with only the floor jacks for suv jack holding it up. Always use jack stands to support the weight. Talking about the dimensions of the jack itself, it is 24 inches in length and 13 inches wide, which is quite okay for a low-profile jack.

This equipment can lift a vehicle up to 21 inches and minimum 6 inches. It could be used for different type of cars with an adjustable and maximum lift range. Aforementioned, this jack is of Aluminium in construction making its weight bearable to handle, making it lighter in weight to avoid tensity while working with it.

A 2 ton floor jack can lift a Dodge Ram 1500. Always take great care when using a floor jack to lift your vehicle. You are able to safely lift your car up. It has the ability to withstand heavy-duty cars and light-duty trucks conveniently. Steelworks nice and is on the least expensive side but they are jacks that are usually heavy and hard to move.

Capable of lifting up to 3 tons but only weighing 56 pounds, makes this jack easy to throw in the box of a pickup or carry anywhere you might need it. Also, the two-piece handle is easily broken down with a quick lock tab and the two halves are no longer than the jack, so storing the handle takes very little room.

With 3-ton max lifting capacity, this machine is perfect for your regular car maintenance. Check your car's manual to learn the locations of these lifting points. Powerzone floor jack is a heavy-duty tool with the capability of lifting different types of vehicles.