The centerpiece of any stylish living room is of course, the coffee table, which sits at the center of the room. Even in the world of contract, coffee tables are widely used, where they complete the furniture becoming an additional cabinet or acting as a reserve second shelf without cluttering much space. Finally, embellish your coffee table and the surrounding space with rare accents and decorative accessories , from vases and clocks to exclusive decor and global artisan gifts.

The glossy tables or glass styles are a beautiful way to add a modern twist to the traditional tables. Leave enough space between the table and other furnishings so that you can easily navigate around your room without bumping into the coffee table. Solid wood coffee tables are also very practical and durable, but do require some maintenance for a long-lasting lifespan.

Go for compact pieces that might typically be dismissed as side tables —think garden stools and ottomans topped with trays. Only after you've answered all these questions can you really begin finding the perfect coffee table for you and your space. On the contrary, the slender shape of the high table makes it stand out from the rest of the furniture and at the same time gives it a neutral air, able to be useful without distracting.

By the time her youngest child, Sarah, was starting to toddle, the piece had taken up residence at her brother- and sister-in-law's new home in nearby Colts Neck, and Ms. Kaplan had forgotten it. But the coffee table had not forgotten her. For Poliform, Emmanuel Gallina designed Tridente , where wood is complimented by the modern forms in combination with the traditional process.

If glass is not in the cards, faux marble top coffee tables offer exceptional beauty without the exorbitant price. This rustic trunk coffee table was chosen for our client because it fit their love of the farmhouse furniture and need for storage. Providing the perfect spot to interact with loved ones, coffee tables are great for bringing families together for some television or a knockout post wide range of activities including games, homework, or even crafts.