For people with high blood pressure, medication sometimes is not sufficient to lower mitrascience it to healthy levels. In recent months, MSNBC reported that kratom has sent users to the ER, the Daily called it a "hallucinogenic drug" with "potentially fatal side effects," Forbes asked if it was the next bath salts, and ABC Action News in Tampa claimed that "it can be more difficult to get off than heroin." Kratom is legal and supported by a vocal community touting its health benefits, but in the wake of bath salts and synthetic pot — drugs tied to scores of gruesome crimes this year, including (probably erroneously) the "Miami Zombie" attack — lawmakers are eager to ban the next big thing.

HHS should also consider how the scheduling of other drugs like marijuana has had more native effects than the drug itself. However, it is unclear how common kratom use is for these purposes, as kratom may have the potential to induce dependence-like symptoms (withdrawal and craving).

Today, researchers are starting to get a better idea of the demographic groups using kratom in the U.S. and their reasons for doing so. Oliver Grundmann , a toxicologist and pharmacologist at the University of Florida, recently published the initial findings from a survey of 10,000 self-reported kratom users conducted with the assistance of the American Kratom Association.

However, there haven't been enough clinical trials to help understand the health effects of kratom. People take kratom to ease withdrawal because kratom evokes feelings of euphoria and may be obtained more easily than drugs prescribed for withdrawal. People are dying from kratom because their mixing it with other hard drugs that do kill ppl by over dose.

Kratom could eventually come to replace methadone in the treatment of heroin addiction 5 18 27 37 —especially given its relative ease of production, making it ideal for poor and developing countries. Ironically, because of all the different effects kratom alkaloids have besides the activity on opioid receptors, quitting kratom has always been more similar to quitting tramadol than plain opioids.