Many people have black toenail fungus, millions actually. The nail bed thickens and hardens (nail bed hyperkeratosis), and inflammation of the nail fold is observed in chronic mucocutaneous disease (disease of mucous membrane and regular skin). When we leave our feet unattended and unclean, it may cause fungal infections to develop in the nails.

There may also be white or yellow patches on the nailbed or scaly skin next to the nail, 7 and a foul smell. Nail fungus results when fungi grow in one's nail beds. A: Onychomycosis can take a long time to treat, and some fungal nail infections can be resistant to antifungal medications.

People who play sports can easily bruise their toes while playing in the game, this can cause your nails to turn black. Healthy new growth will be visible within the first 2-3 months as your nails continue to grow following the laser treatment. This infection may cause a foul odor of the nails.

Wearing hygienic socks every day, which are made of excellent materials, may be able to assist you to thwart toenail fungus infections. Fungal infections can Suggested Looking at be picked up from swimming pools, showers or locker rooms and by sharing towels. The common, but dreaded, toenail fungus is a condition of the foot in which your toenail becomes infected by a fungus.

Taking antifungal medication in the form of tablets means that the treatment reaches your nail via your bloodstream. This complication of toenail fungal infection is of particular concern for people with diabetes and other chronic conditions that weaken the immune system.