1)  The Education Vision of BK21 Plus and its mission 

The purpose of education

-    BK21 Plus has its purpose on training talented individuals that can create an innovative system in various areas of the society based on the systematical minds of industrial engineering.

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Vision of the education

-    The vision of the education is to plan and operate the system as well as increase the scientific academic frontier and train talented individuals that can lead creation of an innovative system which will last in each areas of the society

-    Another vision lies on propelling the education based on the excellence of the education infrastructure BK21 Plus has internally, and the predominance in competition that Seoul National University has on humanities and social sciences infrastructure

-    There are three parts in the education mission to reach the our  education vision:

1.    Growth & Concentration – encourage the lasting education through the balance of basic education and special education

2.    Glocalization – Creation of international competitiveness through the balance of globalization and localization

3.    Consilience – Creation of new values through the balance of humanities technology


2)  The Research Vision of BK21 Plus and its Mission

The research vision

-    Achievement of the lasting innovation through creative and scientific fusion as well as a theory-development-use combination with convergence approach

-    Development of the lasting industrial system through optimized and effective resources as well as realization of the virtuous cycle of the information process

-    Creation of the industrial innovation system that can last and continue to innovate


-    Mission 1: Creation of leading study through the basic growth of the school system and focus on the innovative areas

-    Mission 2: Leading the future global research of the industrial engineering through innovative technology research and international diffusion

-    Mission 3: Increase of academic frontier of the industrial engineering through consilence of the humanities-scientific technology 

Research capacity

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