There are many criteria which go into a good softball bat. I've made a second video showing my testings, and I still think its a relation between total air time and hits that determines when the ball will change phases. Two players I can think of that are difficult to play are Scrub Killa and alpha54. I never saw kids have so much fun playing baseball.

It's tempting for every player in the game to get in there, but hold up; defenders can often accidentally put it into their own goal, or attackers knock away a ball that was already going in, all because they get within six feet of the goal and lose their fucking minds.

When you feel that you've got the fundamentals down, jump into the game and just do it. A good rule of thumb is to go for aerials any time you feel that you're closer in proximity to the ball than your opponent. So you can actually get to the ball faster by boosting and then timing it - and this takes a lot of practice - but timing it perfectly so you can dodge and hit the ball right at the end of your forward dodge.

You will see that in many teams there is someone who plays the role of goalkeeper and another of striker, and who are changing positions. This takes some time to learn how to do, but with practice you'll be able to line up even multi-hit Rocket Leagueaerial attacks.

Ball-Chasing: Ball chasing is when the player isn't patient and follows the ball around instead of waiting for a good time to go for the ball. Yes, use an in-game cap for Rocket League. Using the D-Pad allows you to send quick chat messages to your teammates and the other players.

If you're anything like me, you are probably having a heck of a good time with Rocket League on the PS4. If you hit the ball outward or head-on, the ball will most likely end up on your side of the field, and you'll be scrambling to recover. The game is based on a simple concept in which one or a group of up to four rocket powered vehicles hit a ball around using their cars.

Rocket League is coming to retail stores, and with it will come many new players. To do this, you want to hit the ball with the middle section of the front of your car. In addition, any ball played on your backboard is easily scored by an opponent as your car flails about trying to get an extremely awkward aerial.