When it comes to the home-based https://www.yelp.com DIY mechanic, one of the most important kits you should have in your armory is a hydraulic jack. Its lifting range is from 5.5" to 22" that is accessible by pumping the handle for quite three to four times, being one of the best time-savers indeed. And it is designed with dual pistons for quickly raising vehicles to maximum height. Unlike scissor jacks, a floor jack is used by wheeling and sliding it under your car.

Also known as jackscrew, a scissor jack is the most common type of jack that most car owners have one in their car trunk. As for the type of jack, you should opt for a floor jack, especially if the car has a lowered suspension. This floor jack features strong steel construction with a well-crafted lifting mechanism that helps you lift the weight up to 3 tons.

If you are in the market for a hydraulic cylinder jack, check our comparison chart above, read our individual reviews, and also look at the product pages of the cylinder jack you wish to purchase - this is a great way to get an idea of what other users are saying about the jacks they have purchased.

Each jack is rated based on this number, and while most can lift a standard car, those who frequently work on trucks and other larger vehicles should consider paying more for a higher weight capacity. Professionals lift cars at the differential because they know what they're doing and they use only the right kind of jack for the job.

Aluminum jacks are lighter and easier to maneuver, making them popular for race tracks and larger shops. The AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stands are a simple, straightforward pack of 2 portable floor jacks that offer high performance in a basic, affordable package for anyone in need of simple vehicle lifting power with no need for extra design features.

If you're looking for a floor jack that can lift trucks and SUVs, the Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack is probably just what you're looking for. Featuring powerful hydraulic jacks that are easy to use, floor jacks do tend to be bulky and heavy and not very easy to maneuver.