Floor jacks are very handy and useful tools. Always put jack stands under your car before going under it. Here you will see a video of how to lift your car properly and safely without taking any risks. One of the things that we appreciate about the Torn Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack is that it features a beautiful yet light in weight aluminium frame which is shiny, light, yet strong as ever.

All this is because of the saddle design that has been built with steel and able to lift any load less than 20 tons comfortably. It is easy to use and makes lifting trucks a breeze. Why leave behind the new comers who would surely look out for What 3 Ton Floor Jacks actually are and What features are inculcated into them for service.

Hydraulic car jacks are rated using tonnage so you should know that three-ton jacks are good for vans, trucks, SUV's and mid-sized cars while two-ton jacks are suitable for subcompact cars. Furthermore, the presence of wide and extra front seat makes sure there is stability and also having an all-steel construction means this is one-floor jack that would last for a very long while.

Many people usually put their trust on American-made tools so when it comes to floor jacks, this is what we can recommend. Every floor jack has its minimum rated height for lifting and the range in which it can lift. It can fit under many low profile sports cars as well.

Load capacities for these floor jacks can be 2 to 3.5 tons. Here's a secret - a motorcycle floor jack can be used on cars. Choose a 3-wheel jack and it must be capable of carrying the weight of whatever you plan to lift. Such strength makes the floor jacks superior to more portable, scissor jacks as they are much more durable and rarely fail to lift the weight.