Why to agonize in the market when looking for jacks without their distinguishing features when the best review guide is just a click away! Again, the vehicle, before lifting, should also be placed in a firm and level surface to prevent the automotive jack from 'kicking out' from under the vehicle until your desired height is achieved. It's a low profile jack made specifically to go under low ground clearance vehicles, you can lift a vehicle up from 4″ all the way up to 20.5″ inches.

All in all, this product from Powerzone is one of the best floor jacks for a garage, especially taking into account its excellent build construction and reinforced arm that makes it a heavy-duty floor jack. Its safety features meet the highest standards and its usage is easy enough to figure out.

Featuring a lift valve with built-in overload protection, you can breathe easy knowing your work area is safe, and even though the stiff release can be annoying, it ensures you won't have a fast drop when you lower the height. They can raise the car to an impressive height depending on the particular type of the floor jack.

Never choose a floor jack that has a weight capacity lower than your automobile since doing so could damage not only the tool but the car itself. After all, no one wants to haul around a heavy steel jack. A floor jack that's to be used in an auto body shop can weigh ninety pounds - as some floor jacks do - without any issue.

Lifting Capacity - After reading the floor jacks previously reviewed, you may have noticed that lifting capacity is gauged in tonnage. It is a 2-ton jack so keep that in mind if you have a larger vehicle such as an SUV or a truck you would probably want to go with a higher 3-ton capacity floor jack.

As it is meant for heavy vehicles, it comes with a minimum height of 5.5". Rapid pump feature improves the overall functionality of this content floor jack as it makes you capable of lifting the vehicle with ease in seconds. Other than being durable and sturdy, car jacks are also faster than conventional car jacks.