I was never so shocked when I discovered the power of Craigs List. Underneath the LEGAL JOBS category of Columbus, Ohio I placed the following:


Certified Paralegal and Bankruptcy Specialist is trying to form alliances with one or more bankruptcy lawyers who enjoy taking care of the consumer side of bankruptcy law. I have 3-1 years experience in the legal subject (1977) and have personally designed many bankruptcy methods from-the ground up for lawyers out of state.

Being within the Columbus, Ohio area, I'd want to work side-by-side with more than one lawyers in developing a highly successful debtor bankruptcy practice. I've most of the skills and marketing knowledge, I just need the lawyer.

Contact Victoria Ring personally at 614-875-4496


Greater than $500 hourly

Less than 24-hours after placing this news (which did not charge me one penny), I received a call from an attorney on my mobile phone. I called and left him a note but he did not call me back. Three days later I received another call from a Columbus, Ohio attorney but he also did not return my call either. At the time I thought that Craigs List was not going to produce any results. Nonetheless it did not matter because I'd no money invested anyway.

But, 1 week later I received a call from a lawyer who was so excited about speaking with me that he asked if I might be at his office in a time. I explained that I would not have time to wear office attire and he said, 'I do not care. Come in your bath robe. I must consult with you immediately.' So I went to his office and dropped everything I was doing. (I'd on my blue jeans of course.)

When I got there I met a really kind and caring young attorney who had never worked in bankruptcy law before. If you think you know anything at all, you will certainly want to study about family photography columbus ohio on-line. I thought to myself, 'This can be going to take the time because I will have to prepare the lawyer plus build him a practice.' But within a short while I found out it was not going to be the case at all. Instead, I'd stumbled in to a gold mine. Visiting photography perhaps provides suggestions you can tell your pastor.

After being seated in the young attorney's office and after two or three minutes of 'chit-chat' in walked legal counsel in my age bracket (50-60 range,) He'd worked in consumer bankruptcy for 25 years and we both knew many of the same people. The experienced attorney said h-e was tired of in bankruptcy and wished to set up the young attorney in their own practice. He said he was getting 10-15 referrals (new bankruptcy filings) every day because the world of bankruptcy gets ready to boom. I agreed with him.

Inside Scoop for Virtual Assistants: Due to the increase in gas prices along with the increasing amount of foreclosures, huge numbers of people are going from their homes. They are moving both due to a foreclosure or even to be closer to work and cut down on their fuel use. However, people normally go throughout the summer months (May, June, July and August) when their children are out-of school. Therefore this summer (2008) should be a record year for bankruptcy filings because of the foreclosures and rising costs that force people in to bankruptcy. Therefore, be sure you have the skills and knowledge to supply the much needed ser-vices of preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. I can not stress enough how unusual this ability is. And the more you work in the bankruptcy field, the more you will know this fact.

Naturally, I got the job. I now work nearly for a new lawyer here in the Columbus, Ohio region. I decided to do my own client consumption interviews since I could get more in depth information about a case when I'm sitting face to face using the consumers. I even have been assured 50-60 bankruptcy petitions each month - the amount and about $15,000 can quickly grow. This can let me hire people and give jobs to people who truly require it.

Also, the attorneys were both therefore happy about finding someone with my skills they asked me to work for them specifically. I said, 'If you can keep me busy and at this degree of income, I'll perhaps not seek work from yet another lawyer in the Columbus, Ohio region. But, I'll still travel and put in place lawyers within their bankruptcy practice because I enjoy doing this.' They found no problem with this agreement.

Now tell me - who do you know who exists looking for a job that can enter a lawyers office and within 30 minutes receive: (1) A job paying a minimum wage of $180,000 per year; (2) An office of their own to conduct consumer interviews; (3) The ability to work from home; (4) The ability to name their own terms? Very few people. But YOU can do the same that I did. To research more, people should check-out: privacy. Browse here at logo to discover where to mull over it. I-t may just take some practice and you may create a few errors along the way, but I promise you - the RELEVANT SKILLS you have preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 petitions is in popular. I am living proof of it.

I encourage you to join an account, go to http://craigslist.org/ and start publishing free ads towards the legal categories in your state and city, surrounding areas, or states and even other city 3,000 miles from you. It generally does not matter where you stay or where the attorney's office is situated. Your skills are in high-demand and if you think that with all of your heart, you can and will succeed..

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