If you are a new comer to internet marketing, you might

be wondering...

'What the heck is an autoresponder'?

Needless to say, a number of the old hats on the market

Scanning this will scoff at that problem.

They'll LITERALLY say:

'SCOFF! An autoresponder is just a pro-gram that

automatically sends out messages to your prospects!


Well, they're right. An autoresponder does,

in fact, immediately send pre-written e-mails

Out-to people in a timely fashion.


(And this can be a major 'but! ~'~~)

An auto-responder is actually much, much more

than just an application that sends out messages.

It is actually...


Lemme give a quick break-down to you in web site

traffic to explain what I mean...

See, you will find 3 kinds of website visitors...

You can find first time visitors.

There are persistent readers.

And then you can find ADDICTS.

Lovers and persistent guests will nearly

ALWAYS get more of everything you need to sell

than first-time readers.

Therefore in order to grow both of these kinds

of visitors, marketers need to create

AREAS around their services and products and brand.

You have heard of blogs, message boards, and

content web sites, right?

These are typical community building resources

designed to make recurring guests

and fans.

But you know what?



To quote Martin Lawrence:

'BELIEVE that'!

See, most of the people use their autoresponders


And the worst part is - they don't also know

they're doing it.

Websites, community forums, and information internet sites

Possess the problem of needing people

So that you can be effective to return for them.

E-mails are different.

E-mails go RIGHT to the folks.

You ever lure your dog nearer to you with a piece

of food?

Well, imagine the email is really a piece of food,

and your potential consumer could be the dog.

You are able to make an effort to own the dog come

For you to have the food...

Or it is possible to toss the meals to canine.

In both situations, you're planning to get

the dog's trust. But one is MUCH FASTER

As opposed to other.

Sooner or later the dog you throw the meals to

Begins visiting you, whilst the other

dog will always be a little careful.

The same will also apply to e-mail.

Therefore a great auto-responder are certain to get you publicity

to your clients, but moreover, it

will begin to DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP together!

And I would like to tell you something: Customer

Connections are CRUCIAL to attempting to sell!

The consumer can get to know you, get to know

your products and services, and get acquainted with your business. Browse this web page read to learn how to consider it.

And in the course of time, be it 2 days later or 2 years

later, they will ULTIMATELY buy.

Now, imagine if every first time visitor to-your

website joins your auto-responder.

Due to your autoresponder series, I'm willing

to bet that at least 20%-60% of these to become

recurring guests.

Should you, and of the, perhaps one hundred thousand become ADDICTS

incorporate a blog or forum into your


That is when things get REALLY exciting.

But make no mistake about it: Everything depends on

The method that you set up your autoresponder collection!

Take action right, you produce a community of buyers

around your company.

Get it done wrong, and you're only wasting your time

and money. If you think anything, you will perhaps fancy to explore about read.

That's why I produced the E-mail Rebel program.

To show you the RIGHT way to generate an

autoresponder collection, and use your autoresponder

To make the kind of group you would like.

It is chock full of real, HELPFUL information

That may actually benefit your organization.

Understand: I am very disappointed with a whole lot

of products that are available.

They're only movie of talking heads in a class

room, or meaningless interviews with nothing new

to offer.

And just how many power-point demonstration do we are in need of?


That is why the E-mail Rebel class differs

from all of those other stuff you-see. Getresponse contains more about the reason for it.

Until next time...

Rappin' Matt.

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